A2 Vision provides the new project for designs polycarbonate back-side lenses. The lenses produced by injection method for metal molds. The progressive surface designed on the back-side on the lens enhances the visual activities. The high precision technology provides the metal molds closed to the design planning. The metal molds guaranteed more then 20000 injections.


 Hi precision and robust metal molds facilitate mass production of back side progressive lenses. The lens manufacturing is done by injection of safe and extremely durable polycarbonate in metal molds of an innovative design thus creating a hi quality and low cost product.


 The polycarbonate is most strong material in ophthalmic market that makes it safe for the wearers. The combination of design, production method and material makes the product most demanded on the ophthalmic market.  


Patent – the current Our Ref.: 46102; US Provisional Patent Application No. 61/361,441, PROGRESSIVE ADDITION LENS