About Us

Executive Team
   Chairman – Nitsan Yanovski
Founder and own of Aspasyan. Nitsan has a rich history of investment leadership with over two decades of experience in the investment and financial sectors. Nitsan's history includes investments in sectors like technology,  energy, retail and real estate. During the last 10 years Nitsan has been extensively active in investments and businesses in the Asia Pacific, with emphasis on Korea, Vietnam, China and India.

CEO – Avi Lisichki
With over 20 years in the ophthalmic lens business, Avi brings with him  rich experience in execution, operations, R&D, business development and manufacturing,
which are directly related to the activities of A2.
Prior to A2, for over 10 years, Avi was the General Manager of M.S. Optical Industries, an Israeli company in the field of progressive mold design and manufacturing for the ophthalmic market. Prior to that Avi was engaged as a production manager of medical devices for Elcint.
Avi has a B.Sc in Engineering, Industry & Management from the Technion University, Haifa, Israel.

VP R&D – Dr. Anna Ryndin
With rich experience in research and development, both in the business world and the academy, Anna leads the accomplished R&D team of A2.  As such, Anna leads the development of A2’s new products and provides our customers with research and developmnet services for new optical designs and related software tools for the production processes of molds and lenses. Anna specilizes and has rich experience and expertise in the formation of mathematical models and the development of algorithms for optimization of complex geometrical surfaces.

Prior to A2, Anna was engaged as the R&D manager of M.S. Optical Industries for over seven years.
Anna has a PhD in Mathematics, from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Haifa University, Israel.

VP Operation – Merave Terenio

As VP Operation Merave is responsible for A2’s manufcturing facility, manufacturing activity and manpower.

Prior to A2, Merave was engaged as the production manager of M.S. Optical Industries for nine years.

Merave has a BA in Economics and Business Management. Merave served in the Israeli IDF as an Officer responsible for manpower.