With years of extensive multidisciplinary industry experience, our accomplished R&D team employs propriety mathematical algorithms and proprietary software tools to optimize the design of tailor-made progressive lens molds.


In this paper we first present our “masking-optimization” algorithm, controlled reduction of Astigmatism error by Adaptive-Weight Functions. This dynamic system allows the creation of different PAL designs during several working hours on a PC.


Designing a Progressive Addition Lens (registration, number)


The new optimization method of the power value based on special asymmetric initial surfaceprovides the new "A2 Power" Design. Thank to the unique asymmetrical shape of the power, the "A2 Power" includes some properties that can not be existing together in some other conventional design. This power shape allows the fast adaptation for both Myopia and Hyperopia needs and give the perfect vision for the wearers after the cataract surgery.


Patent – the current Our Ref.: 46102; US Provisional Patent Application No. 61/361,441, PROGRESSIVE ADDITION LENS


Utilizing our design tools and R&D methods, we have developed the capability of creating freeform software for back surface progressive lenses.


The backside lens designs now developed for the metal insert molds.


Proprietary software tools:

  •  Visualization tools allowing rapid in-house prototyping
  •  Ability to create different central lines from which the progressive surface is derived       allowing local optimization of the surface and allowing unique design flexibility.
  •  Tailored for production engineering
  •  Advanced simulation tools for slumping process including air distribution, position optimization of the ceramics in the non-stop slumping oven.

 Graphic user interface.